Techniques Used in Non-Surgical Liposuction

The most popular non-surgical liposuction techniques are: low level laser light, cryolipolysis and ultrasound. There are other methods but it involves with inserting a cannula into the skin. We are going to the purely non-invasive forms of liposuction.

Low Level Laser Technique

This technique uses lasers which reduces the stability of cell membrane, allowing than to release fat stored in it. The beautician or the professional would lie you done on a flat bed and place small laser pads on the stomach. The laser would break the fat cells done and the body will use them as energy. After the procedure, the people are encouraged to exercise to increase their metabolism to further stimulate the fat burning process.


The tissues are cooled above their freezing temperature which localizes the cell death and inflammation. The professional doing your liposuction will use a probe to decrease the temperature of the fatty tissue on an area. With the decrease in temperature, it will destroyed as fats cells are the more vulnerable to temperature drops. When the cell dies, the white blood cells will carry the remnants to the liver where the liver with break it down. The final product will pass through the body as waste.

Ultrasound Technique

This technique uses focused ultrasound which raises the tissue temperature to liquefy the fat which makes it easier for the body to remove as body waste. It heats and breaks down the fats without damaging the nerves and vessels under the skin.

Consult your doctor or beautician to see which is the best method for you. These methods are not painful but it may be uncomfortable to some people. However, the discomfort is not as bad as the surgical liposuction.