Risks and Complications

There is no concrete proof that non-surgical liposuction has serious complications. It is a relatively new form of liposuction with many more ways to reducing the amount of the fat being introduced. Experts are still extensively studying the effects and possible complications arising from this procedure. There are some side effects, but nothing too life threatening.

Non surgical liposuction done by experienced doctor or surgeon in a properly equipped facility that is usually safe. There may be a chance of side effects to arise during or after the procedure when a large are is treated. Temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, irritation and scaring around the treated area are most common consequences which may arise. There is a small possibility that your skin colour would change, ragging or tightening of skin. In some people, skin also loosens around treated areas

Some people raised the concern that laser treatments can cause cancer. It is a legitimate concern but do not be alarmed for it there is no evidence that shows that it causes it. However if the procedure is not properly, it can cause burns to the skin as the laser might be too strong for the fats.

Non-surgical liposuction should be done by a doctor who has special training in this field and a great experience in dealing patients. Try to get a doctor or specialist that has a good and favourable reputation from people as you would probably under his/her care for a couple of sessions. Definitely, these forms of fat reduction should not be done at home without proper supervision. It is better to be safe than sorry.