Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are needed to see the final results?

Usually varies person to person. Moderate obese takes usually 6-10 sessions and severely obese person takes 20-35 sessions over a span of a couple of months. Treatment can even last up to a year. Talk to your specialist to see what is best for you. Some places would have slimming packages that makes things a little bit cheaper for you.

What is the duration of each session?

Usually each session takes around 15-20 minutes for the actual fat treatment which actually depends on the size of the area and thickness of fatty layer. The full session may take a few hours depending on the what you are doing.

What is the average cost of each session?

The cost of non-surgical liposuction depends on which technique you choose. The treatment which best suits to you depend on amount of fat which has to be dispels.

The results last forever usually person observes the results after 2-3 sessions. Some could be drastic and present slimmer results even after the first session. However one needs to be wary of the effectiveness of such results.

How do you choose a doctor or specialist for it?

While choosing a doctor or specialist, your first priority should be their experience and certification. The treatment the treatment they choose should best suit those people who wanted to get rid of fat with quick and painless method. Remember to look up on the Internet of reviews and testimonials about the doctors.