Benefits and Costs


The most significant benefit to non-surgical liposuction is that is indeed non-surgical. Patients do not need to worry about needles and cannulas being stuck into their body and especially do not have to worry about any organ puncture. Everything is done on the surface where you and the doctor/specialist can see what is going on. Slimming centres in Singapore high class services where you can be pampered while losing inches on your waistline.

You also do not need to worry too much about damaging your skin cells, nerves or tissues as the technology used are designed such that it will only target fat cells.

As such, it is easier to undergo non-surgical liposuction that invasive liposuction.  Almost anyone can do it without the need for ‘serious’ consideration or worry. Serious in the sense that they do not need worry too much about pre-existing health conditions or allergies to certain drugs. People can simply book a consultation with their specialist and go for a trial. Furthermore, there is no need to take a major break to recover after the procedure; people can straight away go back to work and other daily activities without any problems.


Depending upon the treatment area, cost of non-surgical liposuction varies. The price range is about S$2000 onwards.

There is some scepticism in regards to the actual effectiveness of non-surgical liposuction. Some studies show the laser treatments show no significant results in fat reduction. Slimming centre heavily market non-surgical liposuction to the public and package it in a way that they will see instant results in just the first session. While some people experience weightloss and slimmer bodies, it is possibly due to the decrease in water retention and not the actual fat. People who put their trust and money into these regimes become sorely disappointed at the results. In contrast, surgical liposuction will guarantee you immediate and long lasting changes. Do you own homework and read up on reviews of the effects of these methods before investing your money into it.