Non-Surgical Liposuction

You probably heard of surgical liposuction where it involves inserting a cannula into the fatty parts of the body, breaking the fats apart and sucking them out with a vacuum. As you could imagine, the cannula has to pierce through the skin and the tissues to reach the fats. It quite an harrowing thought, especially if you are awake to see the whole process. (sometimes liposuction patients do not require to be sedated). The post-surgery recovery is no walk in the park neither as you might have to deal with discomfort and pain for a couple weeks, even months.

Furthermore, one major deterrent to people who are considering liposuction are the risks involved. There are many small side effects as well as major, life-threatening risks. The surgeon can accidentally puncture your organs or cause some nerve damage as they would not be able to see what is going on under the skin. To some, they are no willing to take these chances.

So, what can people do if they do not want to go through liposuction but still want to burn off their stubborn fats? There is a solution: Non-surgical liposuction. There is no piercing, cutting nor anesthesia involved at all; everything is done on the surface. It is painless and comfortable to do.

Non-surgical liposuction is not that well known as usually the first thing that people think of when yous say liposuction, it is the surgical version. However, it is possible to get non-surgical liposuction in Singapore and it is gaining popularity amongst many women. Thus, let us show you more information about non-surgical liposuction in Singapore and how it can be a viable alternative to the conventional surgical version. We will show you some of the benefits, cost and the possible risks involved with this form of surgery.